Our main focus is on the grass-root and low income people to help increasing their daily income and social lifestyle, also giving support to come our more micro and small businesses …


To be a leading Microfinance Institutions in Myanmar which can support the country’s development in Education, Socio-Economic, Health and Agriculture sector by using micro-finance …


To help increase the capacity of our citizens in their related business area which can support the country’s development by creating and serving new financial services …


Unique Quality Micro-finance and Business Development Co., Ltd is 100% local owned Myanmar private company based in Yangon, Myanmar. Founded in May 2013 and started company’s first operation in Southern Shan State in January 2014. The company also started its first operation for Yangon region in January 2014 in Insein Township.

Up to January 2016, the company is operating in 7 locations with 6 branches which is in Yangon and Southern Shan State. The company proudly received Micro-finance operating permanent license (License no. 0195/2015) issued by Financial Regulatory Department under Ministry of Planning and Finance in June 2015.

Our main focus is on the grass-root and low income people to help increasing their daily income and social life style.Unique Quality also giving support to come our more micro and small business in the future and saving habit for clients. Although we are operating in 7 locations , we have a plan to expand more branches in Yangon Region and outside of Yangon Region which are difficult to get access to Finance.

Loan Type from Us

Normal Loan

A loan which we normally lend to peopple...

MSB Loan

A loan which we typically focus to the customer ...

Gov Staff Loan

This type of loan normally focus to staffs ...

Agriculture Loan

This type of loan mainly focus to farmers ...


Revision in industry Code of Conduct

The Microfinance Industry has evolved to play an enhanced role in the financial inclusion dialogue over the years. Consequently, the need for a consensus based industry framework, to ensure standardization and compliance in a uniform manner across all microfinance institutions was a natural corollary.

Training & Capacity Building

The Project objective was to expand and deepen consumer understanding of the importance of building a strong credit history, as well as the implications of credit information sharing, credit reports and the role of credit bureaus

Operational Strategy

      • Decentralization and delegation of authority to the branch level officials
      • Strong monitoring and supervision at all levels
      • Low cost and fast innovative recruitment
      • On the job training approach
      • Simple and transparent accounting system
      • Simple and cost effective branch structure
      • Self-explanatory written working manual
      • Effective fund management and many more
      • Simple and hierarchical organization

Business Development Services

Unique Quality is also offering the business development services to their clients which help them to increase the productivity and to add value to their livelihood

MD Awards

Have Questions?

How can we get Loan?

To get a loan, you can go to our branches located in Insein, Hlaing, North Okkalarpa, South Dagon, Thanlyin and Shwe Pyi Thar townships. Clients should do following preparation

  • Fill necessary forms at branch and meet the criteria
  • Form a group with at least five people for guarantee each other
  • National ID original
  • Household census original
  • Ward Authority recommendation letter
  • 2 Passport photos

How long will it take to complete loan processing?

Loan processes will take one month starting from the date of application at branch when documents are completely submitted.

How many types of loan does currently UQ provide?

We provide 4 types of loan-

  • Normal Loan
  • MSB Loan
  • Government Staff Loan
  • Agriculture Loan

What are the interest rate?

Interest rate is 2.5 % per month by using effective interest calculation method.

What are the benefits?

We provide not only loan but also other social care and benefits.

  • Once the client become our member, they will get higher loan amount in the future.
  • No collateral
  • Low interest rate
  • Make clients to get saving habit and also saving interest from company
  • Have Beneficiary Welfare program to provide clients for their physical injury

Responsibilities of clients?

  • Repay the loan on time
  • Responsible to pay the money for those who can’t repay money for some reason within the group
  • Hardworking and try to expand their businesses
  • Be honest to company
  • Have a good control over members in the group

Who can’t get a loan?

  • Age under 18 years
  • Age above 60 years
  • Jobless People
  • People who have criminal case
  • People who are blacklist in the company and other company
  • People who can’t follow company’s rules and regulations
  • People who are not trustworthy

What are the penalty?

  • Clients need to follow company’s instruction on penalty.

Why Choose Us?

  • We are reliable and trusted partners.
  • We value to our customer to fulfill their business success
  • We always listen and care about customer’s feedback